Important Reminders

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We’d like to provide some reminders and  information to help make the most of each day at Yu Ming.  Please remember that in these first days we are focused on getting your children familiar with their teachers, our daily routines and their new school. 

We are also very focused on the safety of all of our students.  This is paramount in this first week as we are all getting to know each other.  Safety underlies all of our procedures and requests for parents and we ask that you do everything you can to support us in making the school safe for our children.


Visitation and Families at School

As per school policy , all visitors to Yu Ming Charter School are required to sign-in at the office upon entering the school and wear a visitor badge while on campus (except for morning drop-off). For our students’ safety, even regular and frequent volunteers and visitors to the school are expected to abide by this policy.

Please help us in these early days and keep unplanned visits to school to a minimum. This will provide our teachers and staff the space to bond with your children and get them accustomed to school routines.  


What to Wear and What to Bring: Please remember to follow the Yu Ming dress code  and have your child dressed accordingly.  Students may not have cartoon characters on items brought to school. Use of cell phones and other electronic devices is also prohibited during the school day.


 Allergy Precautions: Because of allergies, students are asked not to share their snacks or meals (please discuss with your child at home). While Yu Ming does not have a nut-free policy, we ask parents to minimize snacks with nuts like peanut granola bars or bags of nuts where possible.


Student-Family Handbook: If you are unaware of Yu Ming policies, please be sure to read the Yu Ming Student Family Handbook  and sign and return an acknowledgement form as soon as possible. 


Lost and Found:  We will gather all items left from this week and have them at the door at pick-up today.


Morning Drop-Off: Between 7:45 and 8:15 am:

  • Please bring your child into school again and drop them off with staff at the gym door.
  • Parents are asked to leave promptly back through the main entrance and refrain from lingering near the gym, by the classrooms or at school.
  • If you are volunteering or have a planned meeting at school any day this week, please be sure to register and get a visitor or volunteer badge at the office.
  • After drop-off, all adults must have a visitor or volunteer badge if you are at school.


Pick-Up: Starting Monday August 29, we will be transitioning to an earlier pick-up time to facilitate the transition between our school day and the Shoong afterschool program.

The new pick up time will be between 2:45 and 2:55 pm.

  • Parents will sign out at the front door on 10thStreet, be given a clip and allowed to enter the school.
  • Proceed to your child’s classroom and give the clip to the teacher at the classroom door.
  • Please gather your child and belongings quickly and NOT loiter or have discussion with teachers or other parents. 
  • To let us get children into the afterschool and homework club programs, we ask that you are out of the building by 3:00 pm.

To help you adjust to this earlier time, through September 2nd, if you arrive after 2:55, you can wait outside until 3:05 when students can be picked up from the lobby.  All students should be picked up by no later than 3:15.


Volunteers at School: Thanks to our many volunteers who helped to pull off our first day!  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Melissa Lee at before coming to school.  We want to be sure we use all our volunteers’ time effectively by having them assigned in advance to a particular role.


Backpacks, Clothes and Other Items

  • Be sure to LABEL ALL ITEMS that come to school with your child, including sweaters, lunches, books, snack containers and backpacks! 
  • We will establish a lost and found in the office for you to look for any items that may have been misplaced.
  • If your child went home with their nametag, please send it back to school to be reused.


Snack, Lunch and Water Bottles

  • We suggest that all parents pack a morning snack for your child so that all children have something.
  • Snacks should be packed outside of the lunchbox and labeled as “snack”.
  • Please inform your child each morning what they have brought for snack or lunch or if the are having a hot lunch.
  • Please ask your child not to share food at school, as we have a few students with food allergies.
  • All lunch and food storage containers should be labeled with your child’s name.


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