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At last Tuesday’s board meeting, Ted Rebholz was approved for a seat on the Yu Ming board for a term starting July 1, 2012, bringing us one step closer to our full board size of seven members.  As our first non-parent board member, Ted is no stranger to Yu Ming as he has volunteered his time on both the finance and fundraising committees for the past two years. Now he brings his tremendous business experience to our board.  Let’s take a little time to get to know him.
First of all, we would all like to thank you for accepting this responsibility of being on the Yu Ming Board. Would you tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your family?

I work as a consulting CFO to several start-up and early-stage companies.  I help them with both the strategic stuff, like budgeting, investor relations, negotiating contracts, and analyzing improvement opportunities, as well as with the back-office stuff, like managing the bookkeeper and closing the books.  I have a growing client base in a wide variety of industries, and I really love helping small businesses to build-out the infrastructure to support their growth.

My wife, Erin, works in health care as a VP at McKesson, and we live in Rockridge with our seven-month-old daughter, Emily, and our dog, Otis.  I’m vegan, like to travel and spend as much time outdoors as possible, running trails or backcountry skiing . . . although I’m currently redefining what “free time” means now that I have a young daughter!

How did you hear about Yu Ming and what compelled you to volunteer your time?

I learned about Yu Ming a couple years ago from our friends Andra Pligavko and Dai Owen.  At that time, my wife and I had just moved back to the Bay Area, and I was looking for an interesting volunteer opportunity.

I was inspired by the Yu Ming founding families taking the initiative to fill a gap in the educational offerings in our area.  We are so lucky to live in a society where individuals are free and willing to put their energy into building something as important as education, and I wanted to be part of that vision.  Over and above wanting to contribute to my own hometown of Oakland, I had also done business and studied in East Asia and elsewhere around the globe, and appreciate the importance of U.S.-Chinese relations.

What is your vision for Yu Ming during your board term?

Years two and three will be vital for establishing a measurable track record that proves unequivocally to families, teachers, and other stakeholders that Yu Ming is not only a unique offering, but is simply the best place for kids to pursue a K-8 education.  Period.  As a Board, our role is to establish, monitor, and manage the measurable outcomes toward that end.  In addition to good governance, we will also be launching our capital campaign for a permanent, long-term home.  Perhaps most importantly, I want Yu Ming to continue to attract, retain, and inspire the best teachers.  One of my sisters is a teacher, and I strongly appreciate that qualified, inspiring teachers are the most important ingredient to an excellent school.

Any last thoughts you’d like to share with the Yu Ming community?

I only join teams where everyone is working equally hard toward a shared, compelling vision.  Yu Ming has that in its teachers, staff, students, families, volunteers, and Board.  I’m very excited to contribute to this team, and believe wholeheartedly that we will succeed.

- Contributed by Christine Wu-Dittmar, parent to Niko in the Monkey class

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