Hiring Update – April 2012

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The hiring committee is working hard to recruit the best staff possible for next year.

We have had a number of teacher and TA candidates visit school over the past few weeks to interview and perform in-class lesson demonstrations. We are delighted to welcome Trisha Ma to our team as one of our two new TAs for next year. We still need to fill the other TA position as well as the 2nd grade teacher position, but several strong candidates are in the pipeline, and we are confident we will have a great teacher and TA in place before the end of this year.

We are also interviewing school counselors to continue and expand the friendship group program that parent volunteer Lynna Tsou launched last fall. We’d like to re-start the program this final trimester, and we’d also like to expand the school’s RTI (Response to Intervention) and Social and Emotional Learning programs for the next academic year.

Regarding the interim principal position, we are excited to announce that we have made an offer to a veteran educator and administrator. Once this has been finalized we will provide more information about the transition details.

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