Music Education at Yu Ming

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In line with Yu Ming’s progressive and exceptional teaching standards, the school’s new weekly music class goes far beyond the simple teaching of children’s songs.  Instead, veteran teacher Lee Na Chang merges the Orff methodology of teaching music – which encourages children’s absorption of music and theory through multiple learning experiences – with her knowledge of traditional Chinese folk music. 

In less than an hour, each class runs through a gamut of chanting, circle time, parading, improvisational full-body movement, and multiple instrument exploration – all while continuing the school’s language immersion through songs and instruction in Chinese.  Chang Laoshi’s quiet manner, reminiscent of her Montessori background, fully engages the children in her lessons.  They listen intently to her directions, and actively participate in circle-time dialogue.  In a recent circle time, children used the same song to explore rhythm, Chinese diction, and different sound-making tools.  To learn more about the Orff philosophy of music, link here:

- Contributed by Eva Chiu, parent to Emily in the Tiger class

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