Next Year’s School Calendar

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Message from Principal Laura about next year’s school calendar….

I know there have been a lot of questions circulating about next year’s calendar. Hopefully after reading this all of your questions will be answered. If not please feel free to send me an email,


Are the Yu Ming Holidays Aligned with OUSD?

We have made several small changes to the calendar for next year. The winter break has been moved to match that of OUSD. We have not moved the spring break, however, because it would follow too closely on the heels of the February break and make for an overly long final trimester. We have added an additional vacation day around Memorial Day to make a longer weekend (also in line with OUSD).

What Is the Plan for Early-Dismissal Days and Why Has This Been Changed?

Early-dismissal days for next year are scheduled for every Friday at 1pm (not 12:15 every other week as they have been this year). The rationale for this is to allow more shared planning time for our extremely hard-working teachers. This will help them to continue to improve upon what is being done in the classroom, build in more consistency across classes, share ideas and resources, and build in more differentiation.

What If We Are Unable To Pick Up Our Child(ren) at 1:00 p.m. on Fridays?

We want to provide coverage for our families for whom this schedule is challenging, such as an early-dismissal after-school program that is not restricted to those enrolled in the Shoong after-school program. The structure and programming for this also depends upon our facility, but please be assured that there will be something available for those unable to pick up their children at this time.

How Does This Affect Next Year’s Number of School Days and Instructional Minutes?

The number of school days next year will be 192, up from this year’s 188.  Early-dismissal days still count as school days, and instructional minutes will be down only slightly relative to this year because these days will end at 1pm. If we are able to extend our school day in a new facility, we will likely make up some or all of those instructional minutes. Providing more learning time is a key objective at Yu Ming, and we will still be far in excess of what  most public schools provide or are required to provide (175 days according to California law).


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  1. 2011 YM Parent says:

    Is there any update reguarding the calendar yet?

  2. Celia Pascual says:

    Last year Yu Ming’s calendar was very similar to Oakland Unified. Similar holiday breaks help families with children in OUSD schools. This year, both the spring break and winter break are different. Please consider changing the timing of those breaks: spring break to the last week of march and winter break starting on Dec 24 through jan 5.

    I know that some parents also have kids in other districts besides Oakland. Is there a way to poll parents and our calendar align with the majority?

  3. 2011 YM Parent says:

    Excellent, thanks for addressing most of my concerns!

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