Thank You to Our Amazing Teachers!

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Thank You to Our Amazing Teachers!

A Special Message from Principal Ross

Study after study shows that the single most important factor determining the quality of a child’s education is the quality of his or her teacher. In fact, a recent study from Harvard suggests that a good elementary teacher can boost college attendance rates, reduce teenage pregnancy rates, and increase future earning potential (

We are incredibly lucky to have such wonderful teachers here at Yu Ming. May 8th is Teacher Appreciation Day, and I would like to share my own appreciation for our teachers…

Not only are our teachers inspirational in the classroom and totally committed to their students’ academic and social progress, they are also incredibly hard-working and reliable. Their devotion to their students and to our school makes my job as principal a real pleasure—so THANK YOU to each and every one of you: Ina, Maggie, Carol, Alice, Mia, and Wei.

As you know we are currently hiring new staff for next year. There are so many essential ingredients that make a great teacher—far too many to list here—so below is a shortlist of five qualities we seek in our new teachers:

  1. Teachers who set high expectations for every single student.
  2. Teachers who are life-long learners; who develop their content knowledge and instructional skills throughout their career.
  3. Teachers who plan carefully; who are prepared and organized for every lesson.
  4. Teachers who create lessons that are relevant and engaging for the students—no matter what the topic.
  5. Teachers who form strong relationships with their students to show them that they care.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our other school staff. Lina, our new office manager, has done a great job stepping into Mina’s shoes (which were frankly big shoes to fill!); and Polly, our steadfast office assistant, has been critical in facilitating a smooth transition. Finally, thank you to Dannie, our janitor, for offering to help however and whenever he can—and always with a smile.


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