Parent Communications

Keeping our current parents informed and up to date is something we believe is essential for academic progress, parent involvement and a strong school.   Here are the different ways parents receive information from the school:


EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS:  In case of an emergency or urgent situation, our OneCallNow system will use multiple methods to reach you, including email, text and voice messages.  This system will send a broadcast message to the emergency contacts that you provide at the beginning of the year.


EMAIL: Email is our primary way for communicating with parents.  All parents/guardians are expected to read emails from “Yu Ming Charter School” for important information about school. 

You will receive email in several ways:

  • Emails from “Yu Ming Charter School” are sent weekly on Fridays and on an as needed basis to parents/guardians.  These are from the school office and include required information you need to know.  They are sent to the email(s) you provided at registration. If you wish to change your email address, please contact office@yumingschool.orgAll parents/guardians are expected to read emails from “Yu Ming Charter School” for important information about school. 
  • Emails from your Yu Ming room parent (e.g., “Yu Ming Panda RP”).  These are sent only to class members and include information specific to each class, including classroom supply and volunteer needs, playdates, field trip information, etc.
  • Emails from the Parent Action Group (to [yu-ming-parents]).   This Yu Ming Parent Action Group Annoucement List is provided by the school to enable the Parent Action Group officers and volunteer coordinators to provide updates about parent-led school activities and engage parents in school volunteer opportunities and activities.  Parents wishing to share information with the school community can submit annoucements by emailing


PARENT PORTAL: All parents are invited to join the Yu Ming Parent Portal (, or from this website go to For Parents > Parent Portal). The portal allows us to share information securely within the Yu Ming community of families. It also serves as a way to archive information that was previously sent in email, so that you have a one-stop shop for finding information.

All parents are permissioned using the same Google Account you use for the Yu Ming Parent Action Group Announcement List. Please email us at for detailed sign-in instructions.


WEB SITE:  The Yu Ming Charter School website houses a wealth of information about the school and is regularly updated.  We strongly encourage parents to use the website as a resource.

For Parents section:  Includes necessary information for enrolled families:

  • At and Around School:  One-stop shopping for information about the school day, afterschool programs, drop-off, pick-up and parking, uniforms and other logistics.
  • Family Calendar:  A Google calendar that includes all school-related events, including the official academic calendar, Board and PAG meeting dates, deadlines and special events such as field trips, family socials or Yu Ming community events.
  • Family Handbook: The official handbook and policies for students and families at Yu Ming.
  • Parent Resources:  Information and tools for supporting your child’s immersion experience.
  • Parent Action Group: Description of our parent group, key members and upcoming meetings.
  • Volunteer:  Volunteer opportunities and guidelines for volunteering.
  • Support Yu Ming: Information on our Amazon Affiliate, eScrip and CafePress programs


FAMILY CONFERENCES:  Twice each year, the school has parent-teacher conferences for parents and guardians to discuss student progress and plan ways to best support the student. Attendance at these conferences is required for each Yu Ming family.


FACEBOOK:  Our Yu Ming Facebook page has over 300 subscribers including both parents and non-parents. This is a great way to hear the latest about school developments.  We encourage parents using Facebook to like our page and share interesting posts with your networks.



Additional information and policies related to communications can be found in our Family Handbook.