Student Family Handbook

Student Family Handbook

All parents and guardians are asked to review the Yu Ming Parent Handbook and submit a signed Acknowledgement Form to the school by October 15.

Annual Notification

California state law governs the basic operations of public educational organizations, and the Legislature regularly passes new laws affecting the quality and availability of education, as well as laws mandating that local school districts undertake new responsibilities. Educational organizations, like Yu Ming Charter School, are required by federal and state laws to publish annual notification items to their community. These notifications serve to inform parents/guardians of the opportunities and protections to which they are entitled.

Yu Ming Charter School complies with this annual requirement by providing parents/guardians with the Annual Notification below at the beginning of each school year and by issuing the same publication to new families as they enter Yu Ming Charter School during the school year.

Oral Health Assessment

Process for exiting a student for other than disciplinary reasons:

If a parent/guardian decides to electively withdrawal a student from Yu Ming Charter School, the parent/guardian should notify the principal in writing of their intent to withdrawal the student from Yu Ming Charter School as soon as a decision is made.  The school has established the following process to facilitate a smooth transition for the student to his/her new school.