Yu Ming After School Program

Yu Ming After School Program


Before and After School Programs

Our Before School Program is run by Lina Huang (lhuang@yumingschool.org), and our After School Program is run by Mica Tucci (mtucci@yumingschool.org) in conjunction with the YMCA of the Central Bay Area.

Before School “Early Bird” Program The Early Bird Program runs from 7:00 – 8:00 each morning.  To register for this program, please contact Lina at lhuang@yumingschool.org. If you would like your child to have breakfast as part of the Early Bird Program, please order it through the Breakfast and Lunch Program.

After School Program  The goal of the After School Program is to provide a comprehensive, accessible, and physical activity program that meets the health needs of our students. The YMCA of the Central Bay Area and Yu Ming Charter School both recognize the benefit of regular exercise and will work together to create a safe and positive environment in which all afterschool students can grow both mentally and physically. For more information, see our After School Program Handbook.

Parents will be notified of the opening of online registration for the After School Program. Registration is for one semester at a time (August through December, and January through June). The 2013-2014 fee for students registered by the deadline is $12/day (after the deadline the fee increases to $15/day). We can accommodate full-time (Monday through Friday), as well as partial days (i.e. M, W, F). The fee for drop-in students is $15/day.

After School program scholarships enable all Yu Ming children to have access to the Yu Ming After School program regardless of economic circumstances. Families who qualify for free or reduced lunch will have priority and must download and fill out the Income Eligibility Form.

After School Enrichment Programs To supplement the After School program, Yu Ming is also proud to host a variety of enrichment programs onsite. These programs are offered by third parties at an additional cost, and coordinated by Polly Yan.  Some examples include:

  • Sarah’s Science – In these exciting hands-on science classes we will build a variety of toys and use them to demonstrate major scientific concepts such as energy, electricity, light, gravity, motion, friction, magnetism and simple machines. http://www.sarahscience.com/pages/afterschool.html
  • Spanish – All classes are taught in full-immersion Spanish in order to build confidence, motivate students and enhance language skills. http://www.vivaelespanol.org/
  • Lego Engineering – Design and build motorized machines, catapults, pyramids, demolition derby cars, truss and suspension bridges, buildings, and other constructions. Explore concepts in physics, mechanical engineering, structural engineering, and architecture while playing with your favorite creations. http:/www.play-well.org/
  • Trackers – The afternoon begins as the Trackers Bus transports your child from their school to a local park. There, students train in tracking, wilderness survival skills, homesteading and storytelling. We may learn to carve wood, safely make fire with no matches, make pickles or sew a magic cape. http://trackersbay.com/youth/after-school.php

Early Dismissal “Gap” Care Early dismissal care will be offered on early release days, which is every Friday and on parent/teacher conference days. This supervised care is provided from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. The 2013-2014 fee for this “gap care” is $12/day, if registered by the deadline (after the deadline the fee increases to $15/day). Students who are enrolled in the after school program will be automatically added to the early dismissal roster and an extra fee is included for all early dismissal days. For those not in the after school program, you can register for gap care online at the start of each semester (same form as the afterschool program).

Registration To register for the After School, Enrichment and Early Dismissal programs, visit the After School Program page on our secure Parent Portal.