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Parent Action Group


About the Parent Action Group

Creating a strong school community with engaged parents and guardians can make the difference between a good school and a great school.  For an immersion school with a diverse set of families, a strong community is even more important.

The Yu Ming Parent Action Group serves as the parent association for Yu Ming Charter School and includes all enrolled and founding families.  The goals of the group are to:

  • Engage and coordinate our parent community to support the needs of the school, and
  • Build community among Yu Ming parents through social events, parent education and other opportunities.

Yu Ming parents play a key role in many different areas of the school, from supporting the administration on communications, enrollment and hiring committees to organizing social events, yearbooks and parent-led fundraising through parent-led teams.  The PAG provides a vital forum to bring people participating in these efforts together on a regular basis to ensure our parent volunteers are supported, to coordinate our efforts, and to fill gaps where more help is needed.

Monthly meetings will be held at Yu Ming from 6:00pm – 7:30pm. Minutes will be posted on the Parent Action Group page on our secure Parent Portal.

Note: While the Parent Action Group has been established to strengthen parent involvement in the School, it does not replace opportunities for parents to discuss concerns or interests directly with teachers, the school office or if necessary the Board of Directors.

PAG Leadership

We are grateful to our 2013-2014 PAG Leaders:

  • Co-President Eva Chiu
  • Co-President Christine Wu-Dittmar
  • Secretary Hermione Wilson

To reach the PAG leaders, email