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Yu Ming Charter School is a public Mandarin immersion school. We opened in Fall 2011 with K-1, and will serve ~300 students in grades K-5 in school year 2015-16. We are growing into a K-8 school. Yu Ming is committed to fostering diversity and developing youth with curiosity, compassion, strong moral character and responsibility to the community and the environment.

We are actively recruiting potential candidates for the following positions:

If you are interested in applying, please send a cover letter and resume on our career site.


K-5 Mandarin Immersion Teachers



New Mandarin immersion public charter school in the San Francisco Bay Area seeks experienced and dynamic K-5 teachers to provide a variety of instructional techniques to kindergarten through grade 2 students. Yu Ming Charter School was unanimously approved by the Alameda County Office (ACOE) Board of Education and opened in Fall 2011 with 104 students in grades K-1, we now have 257 students in K-4. Yu Ming is committed to fostering diversity and developing youth with curiosity, compassion, strong moral character and responsibility to the community and the environment. To learn more about our school visit our website

Job Responsibilities

The teachers will provide a nurturing and growth-minded climate conducive to organically learning Mandarin Chinese and all standard subjects (e.g. math, science, social studies, life skills, Mandarin):

  • Create and implement an effective, high-quality, rigorous program that builds bi-literacy skills and multi-cultural appreciation via a variety of instructional techniques
  • Create a classroom learning environment of respect, exploration and perseverance
  • Provide for the individual learning needs of all students; gifted and talented students, below grade level students and those with IEPs
  • Establish a culture for learning that is positive, inclusive and challenging with highly differentiated lesson plans
  • Develop Chinese immersion curriculum using research-based best practices which also meets CA state standards
  • Work well with a team of Chinese and English speaking members on planning, professional development, curriculum design, and teaching responsibilities
  • Communicate with families regarding student progress, ideas and support for learning
  • Assess and monitor each student’s academic and language proficiency growth using multiple measures, including formative and summative assessments
  • Utilize student data to inform classroom practice
  • Plan events and fieldtrips appropriate to the curriculum
  • Assume responsibility, with other members of staff, for specified duties which include; yard duty, early and post dismissal supervision, helping with school projects, joining a school wide task force


  • Native ability in Mandarin Chinese (including understanding traditional, simplified and pinyin systems) and proficiency in English
  • Demonstrated commitment to fostering a dynamic and academically rigorous education program
  • Experience in teaching related to dual-immersion and Mandarin language development
  • Entrepreneurial passion; the ability to thrive in the excitement and ambiguity of a start-up environment
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Superb interpersonal skills; ability to work collaboratively with a diverse group of students, parents and colleagues
  • Excellent organizational, time management, and multi-tasking skills
  • Legal authorization to work in the United States and credentialed as K-8 teacher in California or an out of state equivalent

Minimum educational level: Bachelor’s degree; Credentialed to teach elementary in California (or out of state equivalency for transferal)

Experience preferred

  • 2+ years professional teaching experience, preferably in immersion or foreign language

Compensation and Benefits:  Salary commensurate with experience. Comprehensive benefits package offered for employee and dependents.

To apply: We are presently accepting cover letters and resumes at The position will be open until filled.

School Office Manager



Successful Mandarin immersion public charter school in Oakland, California seeks an experienced Office Manager to lead front office and administrative responsibilities.  The school operates an academically rigorous K-8 program to graduate students who are bilingual, bi-literate and bicultural in Chinese and English, and develop youth with curiosity, compassion, strong moral character and community responsibility.  The school opened in Fall 2011, has been fully enrolled with a waitlist since founding, and has an Academic Performance Index of 944 (out of 1000).  The school will serve over 300 students in grades K-5 in the 2015-2016 school year, and will grow to serve 450 students in grades K-8.  Yu Ming is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization.


Job Responsibilities

The Office Manager duties include:

  • Act as a central point of contact for the school, including greeting visitors and fielding inquiries from parents, students and the community;
  • Manage other front office staff, including recruiting and training new staff, and overseeing administrative and clerical tasks;
  • Support principal in personnel management, including processing payroll, handling paperwork for hires and terminations, and maintaining personnel files;
  • Work with financial services provider to process accounts payable, monitor expenses, and manage petty cash;
  • Provide administrative support for the Head of School as needed, including scheduling meetings, managing correspondence, and answering and directing incoming calls;
  • Assist in completing reports required by the CA Department of Education;
  • Manage and organize student records and files (electronically and on paper), including maintaining daily attendance and processing new student registrations;
  • Manage and organize school food service program;
  • Work with custodial staff and vendors to manage school facilities and maintenance;
  • Support school staff and parent volunteers in the coordination of school events (i.e. field trips, back to school nights, meetings);
  • Order and maintain office supplies, equipment, and furniture;
  • Nurture and support students who come to the office;
  • Collaborate with custodial staff to ensure a safe, secure and well-functioning facility; and
  • Other duties as assigned.



The candidate for this position should have:

  • Three or more years of experience as an Office Manager; school background preferred but not required
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills; fluent in English; prefer proficiency in Chinese (either Cantonese or Mandarin)
  • Strong organizational, time management and multi-tasking skills
  • Superb interpersonal skills; ability to work collaboratively with individuals from a variety of backgrounds
  • Extremely adept at using technology, including Microsoft Office and student information systems such as Powerschool
  • Entrepreneurial energy; the ability to thrive in the excitement and ambiguity of fast-paced environment
  • Minimum A.A. Degree; Bachelor’s preferred
  • Certification in First Aid preferred
  • Legal authorization to work in the United States


Note: All school employees must clear a criminal background test.


Compensation and Benefits:  Salary commensurate with experience.  Comprehensive benefits package offered for employee and dependents.


To apply:  Please send a cover letters and resume at Ming Charter School/default.html



位於屋崙市知名的中文雙語學校誠徵具有經驗的辦公室經理一名,負責管理辦公室與行政之職務. 這是一所學術操作嚴謹,培育精通中,英二語及雙國文化,並培養青少年具有好奇心,同情心,強烈道德品行和社會責任感的K-8中小學。這學校成立於2011年秋季. 自成立起,每年招生額滿並有候補名單.而且學生的學業表現指數為944 (最高指標為1000). 在2015-2016學年度裡,入學就讀學生將會超過300名.入學人數將會成長至450 位-K-8的學生. 育明是一所501c3非營利機構.



• 為學校第一線接觸主要人,包括接待客人,回應家長,學生及各團體之問題;
• 管理辦公室內的其他成員,包括錄用,培訓新進人員,並監督行政及營業事務;
• 協助校長人事管理,包括處理薪資,錄取、解雇文件,及人事資訊保存;
• 與出納提供商合作處理應付帳款,費用監控,及處理零用金;
• 如需要,提供校長行政資源協助, 包括安排會議時間,處理信件,以及回覆及轉接電話;
• 協助完成加州教育部門需要的報告;
• 管理和處理學生資料,文件(電子和紙張),包括學生每日出席管理和處理新生報名;
• 管理和安排學校餐飲服務;
• 與校園管理員工以及廠商共識管理學校設施及維護;
• 配合學校活動,協助學校員工和義工家長(例如:戶外教學,返校日,會議);
• 訂購和維護辦公室用品,設備和器具;
• 安撫和幫助來辦公室的學生;
• 與校園管理員合作確保學校運作順利, 校園安全; 以及
• 其他指定之職責.



• 3年以上辦公室經理的經驗;學校相關經驗但不是必備
• 優越的口語與書寫的溝通能力;英文順暢;精通中文尤佳 (廣東或普通話)
• 卓越的組織能力,時間管理,及執行多任務之能力
• 卓越的溝通能力,可與各背景人物相處合作
• 非常適應運用電子科技, 包括微軟文件以及學生資訊系統,例如 Powerschool
• 有創業動力;能夠在充滿激動,步調不定並快速的環境中成長
• 具有專科學歷; 學士學位尤佳
• 具有急救證明尤佳
• 具有在美合法工作資格

附註: 學校員工必須通過無犯罪背景調查

福利: 薪水取決於年資. 提供員工與家屬的綜合保險

申請: 請將您的求職信及履歷表傳至 Ming Charter School/default.html