Volunteer Procedures

What you need to do to volunteer at Yu Ming


Volunteers are vital to the success of Yu Ming, and we would like to make it as convenient as possible to help. We have tried to minimize the requirements while maintaining the safest possible environment for our children. Thank you for understanding the need for these requirements, and for following with this volunteer clearance procedure.   


TB Clearance

Who needs it?

All volunteers

How do I get it?

Please provide proof of a negative PPD (TB skin test). If you are positive, please provide a negative chest x-ray within the past 4 years.

How often do I do this?

Once every 4 years


Fingerprinting Clearance

Who needs it?

Any volunteers who have the occasion to be alone with a pupil while not in the presence of a credentialed school employee must receive fingerprint clearance. This includes drivers on field trips, tutors or volunteers who may be teaching art, music, PE or other special subject where they are outside the direct supervision of a staff member.

Any volunteers who will NOT be outside the direct supervision of staff DO NOT need to be fingerprinted. This includes:

  • classroom volunteers
  • chaperones on field trips that will not be driving or alone with students,
  • lunch, recess or office volunteers.

For people who have the time and resources to be fingerprinted, doing so would be greatly appreciated as it provides much needed flexibility in our volunteer resources.

How do I get it?

Please obtain DOJ clearance by submitting your fingerprints at any Livescan location:   http://ag.ca.gov/fingerprints/publications/contact.php

Yu Ming will help cover the costs of fingerprinting for any parents/guardians/grandparents of students who are eligible for free and reduced lunch.

How often do I do this?

Once every 5 years


Additional details and background

The volunteer clearance procedure was developed with the advice of our school insurer, who also covers our volunteers, and is consistent with surrounding district and charter school policies. The intent of the volunteer clearance policy is to protect our students as the school is immediately notified of any criminal activity and the protection of our volunteers and school by meeting the requirements of our insurer.

Information on the volunteer policy is included in the Student Family Handbook and is also reiterated in our school Safety Plan. The relevant texts are included below for your review.

The Yu Ming Student Family Handbook (section 5), which was distributed and consented to by parents, states:

Volunteer Requirements

TB Test – For the health of our students, every volunteer who will be in contact with students must present proof of a negative TB (tuberculosis) skin test dated within the last year to the Volunteer Coordinator. You can get this test done by your general practitioner or go to the website for the Alameda County Public Health Department (www.acphd.org) for a list of clinics.

Volunteer Training – Every volunteer must attend a one hour orientation at the school, which will be offered during the first few weeks of school, and periodically during the school year as needed.

Background Checks
Contractors and volunteers who may be outside of the direct supervision of a credentialed employee (e.g. drivers on field trips; 1:1 tutors) are required by law to be fingerprinted for a criminal background check. The Principal and Office Manager shall monitor compliance with this policy.

Volunteer Drivers
• The parent or adult driver must have a current “Driver’s Liability Insurance Statement” on file in the school office.
• The policy must be current and must include the following minimum coverage: $100,000 per person, $300,000 per occurrence, $50,000 property damage (100/300/50).
• The number of passengers in the vehicle must not exceed the number of seat belts. Cars with passenger side air bags cannot have a student occupying that space.
• Children weighing less than 40 pounds must ride in a car seat with seat belt.
• Drivers who have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony drunk driving will not be authorized to drive students.
• Drivers cited with more than one moving violation within the past year will not be authorized to drive students.
• The driver must have a valid California Driver’s License.
• Vehicles for transporting children must be in a safe and operable condition.
• The sponsoring program will pay bridge tolls and admissions. No mileage will be paid to parents.

When a school employee uses a personal auto for the approved transporting of students, the rules of safety for the occupants also apply. Each occupant must have an operable seat belt.

As stated in the Safety Plan:

Fingerprinting Policy

For the protection of students, California State law requires criminal background checks for all public school employees, as well as any individual working alone with minors in a school setting.  In most cases fingerprinting is completed with a “Live Scan” machine which takes an electronic picture of the fingerprints (rather than using an ink pad). The fingerprints are then compared to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and/or Department of Justice (DOJ) databases.

In addition, any volunteers who have the occasion to be alone with a pupil while not in the presence of a credentialed School employee must receive fingerprint clearance prior to volunteering on campus. Volunteers do not have to be fingerprinted if they are only working under the direct and continual supervision of a credentialed school employee in the same room, and will have no occasion to be alone with a pupil. This policy also applies to parents/guardians of students who volunteer at the school and may have the occasion to be alone with a pupil other than their own child.

Again, thank you for giving your time to building a better school for our children and the children that will follow at Yu Ming!