Beyond Academics

Arts and Enrichment

Beyond Academics


To be successful in the real world, students need more than academic skills and knowledge.  Yu Ming provides a rich student experience that builds critical life skills and learning in cultures, technology and the arts.

  • Life Skills: Essential life skills that enable students to navigate through their academic and professional careers are taught through the four core values of: ethical, persevering, compassionate and wise. These skills and behaviors are reinforced every day, in and outside of the classroom, through our school counselor’s program.


  • Cultural learning: At Yu Ming, learning about culture is intertwined with learning languages.  To facilitate learning of Mandarin and English, students will memorize poetry, idioms or proverbs,  learn about traditional food, holidays, and activities, and role play typical cultural situations. Students will gain a deep understanding of the cultural context and belief system for both Chinese and American culture.


  • Technology: Proficiency in using personal computers, the Internet and other technology is essential in this day and age.  Our goal is for Yu Ming students to learn and use utilize technology in core academic classes and as part of interdisciplinary projects, as well as through innovative learning technologies and specific classes in technology.


  • Visual and performing arts: Appreciation of and participation in the arts can inspire students, help ideas come to life, and build cultural understanding.  Regular instruction in both Western and Eastern art and music, combined with partnerships with community arts organizations and after school programs are planned.