Education Principles

Innovative, personalized, world-class

Education Principles


Yu Ming Charter School provides an opportunity for kids across the East Bay to become bilingual in Mandarin Chinese and English in an academically rigorous, socially supportive learning environment.

Yu Ming offers a well-rounded, world-class education including programs in the arts, music, and physical education.   Yu Ming’s education program is based on the most current research and best practices in high performing schools.  Personalized learning opportunities designed to meet the needs of all students are a key to our approach, and are achieved through small school size, more time for learning and innovative and individualized teaching strategies. As we grow, we will increasingly employ technology as a tool for learning, research and production.

Yu Ming students develop skills in critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and communication. They ask good questions, develop new ideas, and express themselves thoughtfully in more than one language and a variety of methods.  Along with a foundation of knowledge and skills in core subjects, they will develop:

  • Diligence and perseverance
  • Intellectual curiosity and scholarship
  • Cross-cultural awareness
  • Moral reasoning
  • A respect for family, community and the environment.

Students with these traits and habits will become empowered citizens in their neighborhoods and beyond.  They will be self-motivated, competent, and lifelong learners who strive to contribute to their communities and to society at large. The job market of the 21st century will grow only more global and Yu Ming students will have a leg up. Fluent in two of the world’s most widely used languages, socially and environmentally responsible, they will be emerging leaders prepared for the global workforce.