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Our Campus

As a school and a community, Yu Ming Charter School continues to expand and flourish every year. To support this growth, our school campus now includes two sites in North Oakland. For the current school year, classrooms for grades K-3 are located at 1086 Alcatraz Avenue. Grades 4-7 classrooms are situated at 675 41st Street. Both buildings provide classrooms with plenty of natural light and access to outdoor space. Administrative functions take place at both locations.


Above: Alcatraz Campus            

MLK Campus Picture is coming soon.                                                                

Outdoor Spaces

The Yu Ming campus includes several spaces to meet students’ needs for outdoor play and learning. Outdoor facilities include a sizable play structure, blacktop recreation areas, a school garden, and outdoor dining and instructional space.

Our Neighborhood

Situated near the borders of Oakland, Berkeley and Emeryville, Yu Ming’s neighborhood offers many resources for students and their families: cafés, a public library, playgrounds, restaurants, other schools and more. Read about them here.

Transportation and Parking
The campus is easily accessible by public transit, including AC Transit buses, and highways. Street parking is available with no permits required in most places. Click here for more public transit information.

Visiting the Campus
If you would like to visit Yu Ming, please contact the school office in advance.

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