A Fireside Chat About Yu Ming

November 28, 2023

How is Yu Ming one of California’s top 1% schools year after year? What’s the secret recipe? Upon taking on her new role as Yu Ming’s CEO, Stacey Wang vowed to share Yu Ming’s story more broadly, and multiply connections and support for the school in our Bay Area community.

Earlier this month, a group of 40 Yu Ming enthusiasts got together for a fireside chat with Stacey, generously sponsored by the Modernist Club in San Francisco and moderated by Carina Wong, founding parent of Yu Ming, and education advocate working in policy, practice and philanthropy for the past 30 years.

Carina and Stacey discussed Yu Ming’s innovative approach to immersion education and its transformative power–preparing all students to become empathetic leaders in a multicultural future through data-driven, whole-child and personalized instruction. Carina reflected “as an educator I believed in the immersion model from the start but as parents we had no idea that our children would also develop the kind of teamwork, communication and compassionate leadership skills they needed to be successful in high school and beyond.”

Maintaining excellence is just as important as achieving it, so Stacey’s commitment first goes to finding two additional permanent homes for Yu Ming scholars to continue to excel and thrive for years to come. What’s next? Codifying our award-winning model in order to solidify it and prepare to share it with other schools and districts. “I firmly believe that collaboration and sharing best practices are the key to enacting durable systemic change in education,” Stacey explains.