Our Results

Yu Ming is among the highest performing public schools in the state of California.

High Performance — Locally and Statewide

Yu Ming is the highest performing elementary and middle school located in the Oakland Unified School District, the top performing Middle School and the second highest performing Elementary School in all of Alameda County.

Not only are Yu Ming students at the top-of-the class locally in the district and county, but Yu Ming student achievement also stands out statewide. They perform in the top 1-3% in Math and top 4-7% in English Language Arts compared with their peers throughout the state of California.

SBAC 2018

  • Yu Ming
  • Oakland Unified School District
  • Alameda County
  • California State

High Academic Standards for All

Regardless of socio-economic status or race, Yu Ming students continue to significantly outperform their peers in the district, county and state on the California Assessment of State Performance and Progress (CAASPP) overall and for all groups including traditionally underserved populations: Economically Disadvantaged, African American, English Learners, Latinx and Students with Disabilities. The school’s intentionally diverse student body meets high academic standards regardless of socio-economic status or race.