Jonathan Schorr

Jonathan Schorr is a Founding Partner at Be Clear Communications. Be Clear is helping to build a better, more progressive world by helping great people and organizations tell their stories. Jonathan is a communications and strategy consultant who has provided guidance and writing to some of the nation’s leading education leaders, nonprofits and school systems. He served in the Obama Administration as Communications Director at the U.S. Department of Education, providing guidance to the Secretary of Education, and overseeing a team of more than 100 communications professionals. Previously, Jonathan served as Partner and Chief of Staff at NewSchools Venture Fund, and as Director of New Initiatives at the KIPP network of schools. Jonathan has worked as an author, journalist and teacher. He wrote the critically acclaimed book Hard Lessons: The Promise of an Inner-City Charter School and was an education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. He lives in Oakland with his wife and two daughters.