Yu Ming Community Rallies Around Asian and Black Solidarity

March 2, 2021

On Saturday, February 27th, our Yu Ming community came together to mark the Lantern Festival, and the close of Black History Month with a Dragons4BLM car parade between our two campuses, a socially distanced event around a common message of cross-racial solidarity.

As both Black and Asian communities have overcome immense struggles and have been under attack in different ways under the same oppressive force of historic and institutional racism, we continue to witness the brutality, terror, and disenfranchisement of our black siblings, while grieving the invisibility, scapegoating, and xenophobia towards Asian Americans, made more visible by the recent uptick in Anti-Asian hate crimes. So it was important for us to celebrate our resilience and commit to our collective healing. We shared a message of unity, for families of all races to work together to dismantle systems and structures that harm and divide us, and ensure that our communities thrive.

The car parade culminated with decorating our campus with lanterns holding our well-wishes and hopes.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and thank you to ACOE Trustees Janevette Cole, Aisha Knowles, Eileen McDonald, and OUSD Board Director Clifford Thompson, for joining us.

The event was captured by KTVU.