Yu Ming Advancing Our Commitment to Equity

June 11, 2020

Dear Yu Ming Community,

On Tuesday night, the Trustees of the Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE) approved Yu Ming’s request to revise our charter by an overwhelming 6-1 vote. It was a long evening, and I want to extend my most sincere thanks to the Trustees, and the Yu Ming families, staff, students and community partners who submitted public comments, sent letters to Trustees to share your love of Yu Ming, and attended the meeting.

This charter revision will enable Yu Ming to open three more classes of Kindergarten in the Fall of 2021, giving access to more rising kindergarteners, and allow us to serve a greater percentage of socio-economically disadvantaged students. This means we can advance our long-held goal to be a greater force for equity of opportunity — at a time when that couldn’t matter more.

It means so much to everyone at Yu Ming that we are the strongest school in the county not just overall, but for historically underserved students. For me, as an educator and as a human being, it is a source of deep fulfillment when I see the many levels on which we are building a model of intentional integration and excellence in our school. And now we get to do that more. We’re already working to expand our awareness and recruiting efforts so families facing economic hardship will have the best chance to become part of Yu Ming.

In this moment especially, I’m reminded of how much work we have to do, as a community and as a country, to tear down a legacy of historic and institutional racism that has blunted the potential of so many brilliant children. And I’m reminded that a stance against racism and for equity can’t just be about beliefs — it has to be about action. Tuesday night’s vote opened another door, and I’m excited to get to work.

First, though, I want to express my gratitude. None of this would have been possible without your unwavering engagement and support over these past few months. I know this has been a long process since we started working on this revision last Fall–a process that has coincided with a series of turning points, going through the coronavirus outbreak, closing our physical school and transitioning to a distance learning program, and last but not least, renewing our commitment to addressing issues of systemic racism in our own lives and practices and at Yu Ming, in this important moment of re-awakening in our country.

Together, we made another step forward in our mission to nurture our inclusive and diverse community of students, helping them to become empowered, engaged, and outstanding global citizens. With your feedback and collaboration we will continue to do the hard but necessary work of elevating belonging, justice, and love at our school.

In solidarity and service,

Some Photos from yesterday’s Yu Ming Peaceful Protest for Black Lives