Updated 9/3/2021

Yu Ming is implementing and refining many of our safety measures from last school year as described more below. All of the safety protocols that Yu Ming is implementing are consistent with CDHP and ACDPH guidelines. Protocols below represent layers of protection that will be implemented during different parts of the school day. The Yu Ming COVID-19 Task Force which includes Erica Pan (California State Epidemiologist and Deputy Director of the Center for Infectious Diseases) is continuing to provide detailed guidance and approval of each of Yu Ming’s safety protocols. 

Below is a summary of some of our key safety protocols. For further details, please consult our linked COVID-19 Safety Plan which will continue to be updated as necessary this year.

Surveillance Testing

All staff and students provided a confirmed negative test within 4 days (Aug 7-10) prior to entering campus on their first day of school.

Since the start of school, Yu Ming has been following ACPHD guidance for testing scenarios, and providing free onsite testing to all students and staff partnering with Concentric using pooled surveillance testing, and individual diagnostic testing. Testing frequency will depend on the community transmissions rates, and we started the year testing twice per week. 

Mask Policy

Well fitting masks are required of all staff and students indoors and outdoors except when eating or drinking at designated times. Teachers and staff will conduct regular mask checks to ensure adherence to this policy.

Hand Hygiene

Yu Ming continues to use hand sanitizer dispensers placed in every classroom, office and hallway, as well as portable handwashing stations placed outdoors in addition to the bathroom and classroom sinks. All staff and students continue active use of hand sanitizer, as well as hand washing throughout the day with soap and water.

Daily Screening Assessment

We recommend printing the Daily Screening Assessment for reference at home.

Vaccination Verification

We asked all vaccinated staff and students (12 years or older) to provide verification of vaccination prior to the first day of school. 

Air Ventilation

All Yu Ming classrooms and gathering spaces have been inspected by a building engineer to measure airflow and exchange ensuring proper air circulation and filtration. Alcatraz and MLK Jr. classrooms will use a system of open windows, fans and Wynd HEPA filters. Chestnut campus has an updated HVAC system with built in MERV air filters. Both systems ensure indoor air is purified on a regular basis.

Stable Groups and Physical Distancing 

Stable groups are used to minimize the number of staff and students who are exposed to each other. Consistent with revised CDC, state and county public health guidelines, physical distancing is being implemented to the extent feasible depending on the environment and activity. Activities take place outdoors whenever feasible, and multiple measures of protection are implemented. Yu Ming continues to adhere to physical distancing best practices such as:

  • One way paths of travel through hallways when possible
  • Selected restroom stalls and sinks blocked off to ensure distance
  • Classroom furniture and materials arranged to allow for maximum social distancing
  • Staff and student training and compliance with safety routines and procedures

During lunch time, students are assigned seats and spaced with a minimum of 3 feet apart while eating outdoors and 5 feet apart while eating indoors. 

Contact Tracing and Rapid Response Protocols

In the event of a potential positive COVID-19 case, our stable groups allow our contact tracing team to identify anyone who had prolonged contact with anyone else. When a positive case is identified in our school community, Yu Ming will notify the county and all staff and student close contacts of the positive case consistent with HIPAA and FERPA policies, ACDPH guidelines and Yu Ming’s COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Yu Ming follows ACDPH quarantine procedures. The latest updated procedures from September 1st is summarized in the graphic below:

Flowchart in Spanish, flowchart in Chinese

Summary of CDHP Guidelines

Here is an Infographic from ACOE summarizing the latest CDHP Guidelines for schools. Please note that Yu Ming’s guidelines go beyond CDHP guidelines in some cases.

Flyer in Spanish, flyer in Chinese

Independent Study

In early July, the state passed laws that require all public schools in California to reopen fully in the 2021-22 school year. There had been allowances made this past school year for schools to operate “distance learning” or “hybrid learning” programs, but the state has discontinued those allowances. 

Recognizing that there will be some students with serious health challenges, the state is allowing schools to offer an Independent Study program for students. Independent Study is not distance learning or hybrid learning. Rather, Independent Study provides assignments for students to complete on their own outside of the school environment. There will only be a limited, brief synchronous time with staff and no set schedule for students to follow outside of the scheduled synchronous daily meeting.  

We believe that Yu Ming’s in-person model is what is best for students in a dual language immersion program and in person interaction a vital part of their education and community connection. Our program is designed to be in-person and we will be focusing our energies this year on what we do best and the charter model we are required by our authorizer and state to deliver. 

With that context, we also understand that some families may not be able to return to school due to a significant medical condition. Therefore, Yu Ming will offer a limited number of Independent Study seats in the 2021-22 school year. Enrollment will involve an application process and be granted based on requirements set forth by the CDE and Yu Ming’s Independent Study Policy. Please complete this survey form today if your child’s health would be put at risk by in-person instruction and you would like to petition for independent study.